Propeller heads, we are.  Ones and zeroes, inevitable.  Able to speak to both technical and business focused individuals, absolutely.  As comfortable in the board room as we are in the server room, we can easily dissect business objectives into technical requirements and map these out just as effective on a whiteboard as we can on a keyboard.

We follow a structured service delivery methodology for our engagements and adhere to that methodology with each new opportunity.  This approach provides consistency in delivery and maintains industry proven best practices.  This unified and consistent delivery approach lends to the quality and excellence of our services portfolio.  By continuously following our service delivery methodology, we are able to continuously refine and strengthen our practice by incorporating new findings, new tactics, and new proven best practices we’ve learned in the field.  Furthermore, we’re able to adapt the unique elements of the Enterprise space and adapt these requirements for small to medium business.  As a result, our clients are always reaping the benefits of our real world experience and proven service approach.

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